Become a Therapy Dog Team!

Thank you for your interest in Therapy K9s of Southwest Florida!   We are here to guide you and your dog through the entire process of becoming a therapy team.  See the steps to start this process below. 


The Suncoast News Network reports on Dog Therapy for Punta Gorda Airport.


is your dog good on a leash? do you and your dog enjoy people? 

being a therapy team may be for you!  

alliance of therapy dogs provides testing, registration, support, and insurance for members who are involved in volunteer animal-assisted activities. These activities include, but aren’t limited to, visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, nursing homes, and airports. their objective is to form a network of caring individuals who are willing to share their special dogs to bring happiness and cheer to people, young and old alike.

Unlike other therapy dog organizations, we have a unique testing process that involves handling your dog. Our testing is designed to make sure you and your dog have a good relationship with each other and that your dog has the right temperament for therapy dog work. After the test, a Tester/Observer (T/O) will monitor you and your dog during three visits to facilities that include two visits to a medical facility. During these supervised visits, the T/O will instruct you and your dog on the art of visiting and give you advice and guidance while observing you in action. If all goes well, the T/O will pass you and your dog and recommend you for certification with ATD.


TK9 has five testers and observer volunteers.  

Lisa Talcott Lehigh Acres, FL 33972 (239) 841-9434

Ellen Ferguson LaBelle, FL 33935 (863) 517-2000

Helene Okerstrom Cape Coral, FL 33990 (239) 772-1936

Kimberley Corby Port Charlotte, FL 33952 (586) 996-0902