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some heroes wear capes...ours happen to have four legs!

k9 hero of the Month

This is Gunner, owned by Lisa Talcott, and his friend, Gus. Gus visits the library monthly for the past two years, to visit with Gunner. Gus doesn’t read to Gunner, but simply hugs him. When Gunner started at the library two years ago, Gus was terrified of dogs. Wouldn’t come near Gunner, let alone hug him. However, Gunner worked his magic and Gus now hugs, pets and is an expert at letting other kids know how to love Gunner. Gus is now an outgoing, loyal supporter of Gunner the Therapy Dog!

Gunner hugs make everything better!

Gunner hugs make everything better!


All the Therapy K9's of SWFL love what they do.  Just take a look at all the smiles and sweet moments with those needing a bit of extra love!

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